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Don’t forget to use your health fund benefits to your benefit!!


        Use your benefits, to your benefit by Dec 31. Want to learn about smarter ways to use your optical benefits? Some people will spend their optical benefits before December 31 for the sake of it^. But we know you’ll want to do better than that. We’re here to help you [...]

Don’t forget to use your health fund benefits to your benefit!!2017-03-21T21:34:25+10:00

The myopia epidemic – is there some hope?


When optometrists open any trade magazine or journal there is always talk of the ever increasing prevalence of myopia (short-sightedness).  Now, myopia is definitely nothing new, people have been wearing glasses to correct it for years but more and more research continues to develop on a possible cause for myopia and ways to slow it [...]

The myopia epidemic – is there some hope?2015-03-02T01:48:04+10:00

Struggling or just can’t see the board?


Does your child struggle at school?  Have they had an eye test recently? The latest video put out by Optometry Australia highlights the fact that some kids don't participate in school activities because they simply can't see.  A simple eye examination will soon establish if there are any problems that need addressing.  With myopia or [...]

Struggling or just can’t see the board?2015-02-09T01:08:51+10:00

Lazy eye – can you pick it?


If the child above has a lazy eye, which one is it? One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked as optometrists is when should I get my child's eyes tested?  The answer to this question is simple, your child's eyes should be definitely comprehensively examined before they start school, ideally at around [...]

Lazy eye – can you pick it?2014-07-28T02:07:12+10:00

Happy 7th Birthday!


I cannot for the life of me remember my 7th Birthday but no doubt I ate some cake and it tasted delicious.  Thankfully I can still remember today is Eyefix Optometrists 7th Birthday and guess what - cake still tastes delicious!

Happy 7th Birthday!2014-06-25T04:12:18+10:00

Oakley eyewear


If you ever thought that the glasses or sunglasses you wear were just a piece of plastic or metal with some lenses stuck in it then think again.  This clip shows just how creative some of the masters of our industry truly are.  It continues to amaze us all how designers can come up with [...]

Oakley eyewear2014-05-26T01:37:17+10:00

Macular degeneration


You may or may not have noticed the increased number of ads showing on TV at the moment by the Macula Disease Foundation leading into Macula Degeneration Awareness Week which runs from Sunday 25th May to Saturday May 31st 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoIR6eV6Xgk&list=UUZHzxiYu1YO2635zpDe57Hw So what is it? Well Macular Degeneration affects 1 in 7 Australians over the [...]

Macular degeneration2014-05-13T03:38:09+10:00

Add some colour to your life with Dutz Eyewear!


New season Dutz eyewear Why not add a bit of colour to your life right now.  Brand new to Eyefix Optometrists is Dutz Eyewear.  Dutz Eyewear originates from Holland and is well known for its design and quality.  Eyefix Optometrists have handpicked a range of designs that are fresh and vibrant and offer the wearer [...]

Add some colour to your life with Dutz Eyewear!2014-05-14T05:17:55+10:00

Welcome to the blog for Eyefix Optometrists here in Manly


Hello and welcome to the first official blog entry for Eyefix Optometrists.  As you may have already noticed we have a fantastic new website packed full of features and information to help you.  When we initially setup in 2007 the way people made contact with us was very different.  We opened doors and people came in to [...]

Welcome to the blog for Eyefix Optometrists here in Manly2015-10-30T04:22:52+10:00
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