At Eyefix Optometrists we offer a complete range of eye testing services for both adults and children.

Eyefix 360 degrees eye consultation

Eye tests for Adults

Many people recognise the need to have a regular dental check every six months however many people do not have their eyes tested regularly. When you have an eye examination we will be checking both your vision and the health of eyes.

The 360º Comprehensive Eye Consultation

When you have an eye examination, we aim to take you through a 360 degrees comprehensive eye consultation where we not only check your vision and eye health, but take the time to understand you and your needs to arrive at a total solution and eyecare plan.

A typical initial consultation at Eyefix Optometrists will take 45 minutes, so you can be confident that you’ve had the very highest standard in eye care and will never feel rushed.

Eye tests for Children

As with adults’ eye tests, our skilled team offers children the very highest levels of professional eye testing. Everyone’s eyes are different, and our examinations are tailored to suit each patient’s eye condition, age and vision correction.

How do we examine children’s eyes?

The answer is simple, we keep them interested by using age-appropriate testing conditions, and take extra care to be gentle and make the process fun.

We use digital eye charts, which can be specially adapted for use with children. Our practice is also equipped with a Medmont acuity tester that keeps kids’ attention when it is needed most, and allows the optometrist to understand how well a child can see.

Testing eyes - Eyefix Optometrists Manly, Brisbane

Digital retinal imaging

Digital retinal imaging is an additional painless procedure that allows our optometrists to capture high definition images of the retina, which is the inner lining of your eye. This allows us to detect subtle signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes.

Your images are taken by our optometrists using the very latest in digital retinal imaging equipment and securely stored for future reference.

Visual Field Testing Results - Eyefix Optometrists Manly, Brisbane

Visual field testing

On occasion, our optometrists may require you to perform a visual field test. This test allows us to accurately determine what you can and cannot see in your peripheral vision, and is commonly used to detect and monitor glaucoma and neurological issues.

Contact lens consultations

Contact lenses are a great alternative and/or supplement to spectacle wearing. With advancements in contact lens designs and materials, there is now virtually a lens to suit any prescription.

Fitting contact lenses requires a few additional appointments in addition to your initial consultation, because in order for lenses to be fitted properly a number of additional steps are required.

What might be included

  • Measurements of the shape and dimensions of your eye
  • Assessment of your ocular surface and tear film
  • Selection of an appropriate contact lens material and design
  • A lesson in how to insert and remove your contact lenses safely
  • A lesson in how to clean and disinfect your contact lenses
  • The choosing of an appropriate contact lens disinfecting product
  • Fine tuning of your contact lens prescription which in the majority of cases will be slightly different to your spectacle prescription
  • Aftercare visit/s to assess how your eyes are responding to contact lens wear and to discuss any concerns or issues that may have arisen during your trial of contact lenses

Pricing for contact lenses

Wherever possible we will bulk bill your consultation, however Medicare considers that contact lenses are not a necessity and as such do not pay for contact lens consultations unless you have a high amount of short or longsightedness or astigmatism.

Currently contact lens consultations are charged at $140, which is usually broken down into the various stages of the fitting process. Please discuss this with us at the time of your consultation.

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