Not all lenses are the same

All lenses may look the same initially, but if you’ve worn glasses before you’ll know that poor quality lenses can scratch easily and their coating can deteriorate – resulting in discolouration and reduced quality of vision.

At Eyefix Optometrists, we’re committed to staying up-to-date with the very latest lens technology so we can provide YOU with the very best lenses for your needs.

So what type of lenses will you need?

When it comes to selecting your lenses, Eyefix Optometrists will guide you as to what lens will suit your lifestyle and visual needs. Lenses can be broadly categorised into two groups – seeing at single distances and seeing at multiple distances.

Lenses for seeing at single distances

If you need just to see clearly at one distance, for example you need to see clearly in the distance or clearly at near, we will recommend a single vision lens. Single vision lenses have the same focal power over the whole lens. It is the most commonly prescribed lens for those under the age of 40. Eyefix chooses to use lenses by world-renowned spectacle lens manufacturers Essilor and Nikon as their first choice of lens.

Lenses for seeing at multiple distances

If you need to see clearly at multiple distances, then a multifocal lens will most likely be recommended. This type of lens is commonly prescribed to those patients over the age of 40 who require glasses for seeing near and far distances. Like many products, there are a range of models and brands of multifocal lenses that cater for different patient needs. Every year, leading spectacle lens manufacturers put millions of dollars into research and development of these lenses to create lenses with wide visual zones that are easy to adapt to. Eyefix Optometrists choose arguably the world leader in multifocal lens design, Essilor, as their first choice of lenses – and the staff at Eyefix will be able to guide you through which lens is best to suit your lifestyle and budget.

What other features may you need in your lenses?

With the advancement of technology, spectacle lenses these days will be manufactured with additional coatings or from different materials to make your vision clearer and create more comfortable vision for your eyes. Common additions to your lenses are multicoating, transition lenses and hi-index lenses.


Multicoating is a process by which multiple layers are added to your spectacle lenses to increase scratch resistance, repel dust and water, eliminate reflections and glare and reduce UV light transmission. Eyefix Optometrists use Essilor Crizal Forte UV as our first choice of multicoating as it is the only coating with an E-SPF (eye sun protection factor) of 25+ and is one of the toughest coatings on the market when measured with the Bayer scratch test.

Transitions lenses

Transitions lenses are the market leader in photochromatic lenses which become dark outdoors and lighten indoors. If you experience glare or visual discomfort when you are outdoors, then a transitions lens may be the answer you are looking for. Gone are the days when these lenses would remain dark indoors. Transitions lenses are virtually clear indoors and dark outdoors and each pair is sold with their “Love them or exchange them” guarantee – meaning if you don’t love them they will replace them with clear lenses at no additional charge.

Hi-Index lenses

If you have a stronger prescription, quite often we will recommend you choose to have your prescription made of a Hi-Index material. This allows us to give you the same, and in most cases better, vision whilst making your lenses as thin as possible. Cosmetically and visually, this is a must for those with a higher prescription.

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